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alberta mule deer hunting

Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt

André, let me thank you for a great hunt. I really enjoyed hunting with you. It's always good to hunt with someone that knows what they're doing. I hope we can share a camp again someday.


mule deer hunting alberta canada

Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

André, thank you for the pictures, they look very professional. 

Jill and I enjoyed the hunt and hope to have the opportunity to hunt with you again.
Thanks again for a very professional hunt, your hospitality, and good company.

Daryl & Jill Weyen

mule deer hunting alberta canada

Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

André, thanks again for the pictures.  I had a great time on the hunt and from a hunter’s perspective, you have a great operation.  The accommodations were very comfortable, the food was good, and the efforts that Kelly and you put forth as guides were outstanding.  I have been on several guided hunts over the years, and of the places I have been I would rank Willow Creek Outfitters at the top of the list.

Bill Ryan

Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt

Any one interested in a spot and stalk bowhunt for mule deer in Alberta should give André van Hilten a call. This game rich area gives you multiple stalks on Pope & Young class mulies.

We had a great hunt with Willow Creek Outfitters!

Paul Wolski, Illinois

Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt

If you are a serious bow hunter and have never tried spot and stalk mule deer you should give it a try. André and the crew at Willow Creek will DEFINETLY put you on deer. I saw plenty of game, had multiple opportunities, and cannot wait to return!

André I want to thank you for the great hunt we had with you last September. It was unbelievable how many deer we saw and how close you got us to them. Can't wait to get my trophy back from the taxidermist, and look forward to hunting with you in the future.

Thanks again,

Lee Geisser

Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt

I hunted with André for the first time in 2008, he was recommended to me by another guide in Alberta. What better reference than from the competition. Well I was not sorry at all. On the 2008 hunt we spotted a real nice 5x5 and crawled and waited for 7 hours within 30 yards for the buck to give me a shot, when he did get up he walked away with no shot until he turned and walked towards us broadside at 28yds. One arrow and four jumps later he was down.

In 2009 we spotted a nice 4x4 and watched him bed, mule deer and whitetails were all over the place. When André told me we were going after him I said to myself there is no way we are going to get close to him. 3 ½ hours later he was on the ground, I can only say that I would not want André hunting me!

Good people and a great hunt, booked again for 2010.

Nick Trotta

Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt & Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

I have hunted with the Willow Creek Outfitters for three years and have experienced nothing but excellence. In those three years I have been on three archery mule deer hunts, two rifle bear hunts as well as one mule deer hunt during rifle season. I have taken three nice mule deer bucks. Andre and I have stalked numerous large bucks that he has taken me within 30 to 40 yards. On the two bear hunts I have harvested one very nice black bear, missed a large boar and seen plenty of game.

André not only is the best guide I have ever been with, he is a hunter, he is a good person, knows what he is doing and works extremely hard on your behalf. Prior to Willow Creek Outfitters I have been with many other outfitters, none of which can hold a candle to this operation. The terrain is beautiful and the animals are in abundance. Since I have met André I have taken five other hunters with me and they all had the time of their life. I am again booked for a bear and archery mule deer hunt this year. I highly recommend Willow Creek Outfitters

Kent Green

Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

"I was impressed by the quality and age of bucks we found at Willow Creek. What made the hunt challenging for me was the field judging and comparison of so many nice animals, and attempting to choose a great deer over a very good deer, I had never hunted mule deer before. We saw many old massive bucks through out our hunt. The deer I ultimately harvested I had passed the first day, but we were able to come back to that area and harvest the old toothless brute on the next to the last day of the hunt. My guide Kelly was great in that he kept me patient and helped me make a good decision. We also ran into some really nice whitetails while stalking and glassing for mule deer. We are returning in 2010, because I want to see all those deer I passed with another year on the antlers!"

Jack Miller

Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

I have hunted with Willow Creek Outfitters three times, harvesting a 164" and 186" mule deer, a 148" whitetail, and a blocky 6ft.-3" black bear! Now that's hunting!

At Willow Creek Outfitters I've discovered quality deer management that limits resident hunting, producing lots of big deer, diligent pre-season scouting on thousands of acres of private land, and hard working, experienced guides.

Latham Myers

Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

This was the second time that I traveled to AB. Canada for mule deer. When I am searching for an outfitter there are a few things that I look for. An area that has an abundance of game an produces trophy animals. An outfitter that has strong knowledge of the area and is willing to go to great lengths to help me harvest my animal. An outfitter that is honest and doesn't sugarcoat.

Willow Creek Outfitters excels at all of these, along with some of the best guides in the business. All of the hunting accommodations were beyond my expectations. Hunting with Andre van Hilten at Willow Creek Outfitters is an all around experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for an absolute great time. Thanks to all.

Mike Salmon

Willow Creek Outfitters
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